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Quizzing.tv is a brand new TV production company run by the world’s leading experts in all things quiz. We specialise specifically in quizzes and have numerous formats to fit pretty much any slot in a schedule, and we have in-house setting and verifying teams who write and check around 30,000 questions every year.



Free online, interactive quiz show

Play along with family and friends on our weekly online quiz show. 

Forty questions beamed to you on YouTube – Totally free! Add your scores to the leaderboard to quiz against the world in the world’s largest online quiz!

How To Play

Step 1: Subscribe to the Quizzing.tv YouTube Channel

Step 2: Tune in at 19:55 – Quiz starts at 20:00 UK time.

Step 3: Play at home. The quiz should take about 45-60 minutes

Step 4: Register. If you want to be part of the scoreboard, you need to register to play at quest.quizzing.com.

Step 5: Put your scores in to QUEST as a home player.
Note, you will only be able to do this if you have signed up for the event, so please make sure you do this.  

Be part of the show!

We are looking for your HILARIOUS pictures and videos of what you have had to become a ‘home expert’ on. Shaun will pick a few to share on Friday’s shows. Home haircuts? Dog grooming? Gardening?

 #homeexpert #quizzingtv

How to share?


Join the Quizzer Sisters every Wednesday at 8pm (UK time) on the Quizzing.tv’s YouTube Channel as they co-present the weekday free online quizzes.

Expect sibling rivalry and revelry all with a glam, glittery jacket!


Jane Allen


If you need something in Quiz-land.  Look NO FURTHER!  Having been involved in quizzing for over 15 years, Jane has seen it all.

Head of International Quiz Association. Head of Quizzing.com and now Quizzing.tv. Her team write and verify questions for major TV shows and she is the co-host of Australia’s Child Genius.

She is the driving force – all done with a wicked sense of humour.


Lucy Allen


Lucy, runs the logistics at the major events such as Quiz Olympiad, World Quizzing Championships and European Quizzing Championships

She is a marketer by trade, with 20 years experience so is responsible for colouring things in and making Quizzing look nice!

Pub-quizzer levels of knowledge and Jane’s little sister!

Quiz against the WORLD!

See your self on top of the world!

If you want to see how you fared against the rest of the world in the quizzes you take part in,
simply create a free account on the quizzing engine, ‘Quest‘ and enter your scores.

Hey presto! Now you’re playing against everyone!

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