Quizzing World Cup

Once a week for seven weeks from 6 September, two teams of four will face each other, recording their matches for Quizzing.tv and their scores for our leader boards. At the end of this season, the highest-scoring teams from each country will be declared their countries’ champions.

The highest-scoring two teams overall will compete head-to-head in a final that will be broadcast on our YouTube channel, to Facebook and to players at Quizzing Fest.

  • Teams are made up of six people – four playing and two timing and acting as proctor/scorer. (The six players can take it in turns to play or proctor each week.)
  • Teams will be put into their country’s league. (Multiple leagues per country can be created, and countries without sufficient numbers playing can team up with another country to play.)
  • There will be 30 questions presented in 10 ‘Trios’ during each match.
  • The questions will be international in nature, so everyone in every league will play the same questions.
  • The playing window will be six days – from Sunday to Friday.
  • There will be a ‘League Manager’ who will arrange the Zoom rooms and will manage the match-ups and score entry.
  • On the quiz night, each team takes it in turn to select ‘Trios’ until they have all been allocated.
  • Each team, along with the timer and proctor/scorer from the other team go into a Zoom room where they will each play the ‘Trios’ they chose. (Teams will have 30 seconds in which to answer each question.)
  • Every question in a ‘Trio’ is worth 2-points – both when first played and if passed to the other team later.
  • The room must be recorded for security and so it can be broadcast on Quizzing.tv’s YouTube channel.
  • Once all the questions have been asked, the two teams will be brought back together and they will be told how they did.
  • These teams will then be read the questions their opponents got wrong – and they will be told the incorrect answer that was given. The teams will then have 20 seconds in which to try to steal these points. This will be done with all players from both teams watching.
  • At the end of the quiz the scores are put into our system and the footage will be sent to us for Quizzing.tv.
  • There will be seven weeks of quizzes.
  • We will provide the questions.
  • There is no qualification required to play, and you can choose to represent your city/region/or your usual quiz team.
  • At the end of the seven-week season, regional and national winners will be declared and the two highest-scoring teams globally will go head-to-head in a final broadcast during Quizzing Fest.
  • The cost to take part is £30/team

Full rules will be provided to teams and league manager. We will also be creating a video to show you how it works.